One Kid Rocks


One of the many reasons I was pregnant and delivered a baby only once in my life is because it hurt, and I am a quick learner.  One evening after I had my beautiful baby girl, I was suffering from stomach pain (go figure).  I was recovering from a c-section, a breast infection, and the wonderful experience of bursting some of my internal c-section stitches. What can I say?  Fun!  Fun!  Fun!  I went to use the bathroom (just a pee, I swear) and before I flushed noticed a LOT of blood in the toilet (don’t worry, that’s as gross as it gets).  I started panicking, because that is what I do best.  We went to the E.R., baby in tow, and got me a full-fun-filled pelvic exam and all sorts of tests.  They couldn’t find anything wrong with me.  So, after a good five hours, we went home.  After we got settled in for the remaining few hours of the night, my husband suddenly jumped out of bed with a nose bleed.


I asked him if he’d had a nose bleed earlier that night, and if perhaps, for some weird reason he had thrown the tissue into the toilet and maybe, just maybe never flushed it down….

Yup.  A night in the E.R., blood tests, pelvic exam (my absolute FAVORITE thing), hospital bills, and (another) sleepless night with a newborn – all for a friggin’ nose bleed.  Seriously?  I am far too paranoid to have more than one baby.

See… my bubble needed to be firmed up a bit that day.  I do better with a non-permeable membrane.


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