What Stinks?


Everyday I walk my dogs.  I try to think my bubble headed happy thoughts while I do this, although there are times when the poop heads get to me.  Breathe in happy, breathe out stupid.  That’s my mantra.

While in this ridiculous state of mind, you will often hear me shout (daily, at least),

LEAVE IT ALONE!!!  If it smells that good, it’s probably dead!!

If you couldn’t see me, you wouldn’t know I am typically yelling this at my 85 pound labrador, who is sweeter than sweet, but for some reason loves all things dead.  She likes to lay down on them, rub them into her previously clean fur, even try to smash them into her ears.  It is her favorite thing to do.  This can mess with my mantra a bit, because then I start thinking about dead smells, and I forget to be breathing in my “happy” and out my “stupid.”

Mantras aside, I do believe that if it smells that good, it’s probably dead.  I think I will make that my new mantra.


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  1. I wonder why your dog does that….that reminds me of my cat. When he goes outside he drops on the ground and rolls the entire time in dirt, than he gets up, walks three steps forward, drops and rolls again…the worst part is that he is never done…and yes, he doesn’t get out much.

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