Fancy Pants


In my pink bubble of happiness everyone should always wear pajamas.  If you know me well, you probably have noticed that I get away with wearing pajamas whenever possible… to work, the grocery store, drop offs or pick ups, it doesn’t really matter… I think they are ALWAYS appropriate (though I must admit, I haven’t figured out the loophole for funerals and weddings, yet).

Last week I put on a t-shirt and yoga pants.  My husband asked me why I was so dressed up!  See how I did that?  I set the bar so damn low that now yoga pants are dressy.  Yay!

I have also found that saving the brush for special days helps.  Last night I went out with The Mommies.  Before departing I had a brief crazy thought of taking a shower.  I talked myself out of it in about 30 seconds.  I decided that if they didn’t like me in my birks with my slightly greasy hair, they probably wouldn’t like me freshly showered either!  I can easily talk myself out of any sort of extra effort.  It’s a gift.

My husband made a suggestion as I put on my fancy shorts (pajamas, only shorter).  “If you don’t want to shower, maybe you could just brush your hair.”  See, again… the bar is just sooooo low!

In my bubble headed bubble I get to wear yoga pants and brush my hair, and I am red carpet ready.  You know it, baby!


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  1. I have to say that you can always tell who you should be hanging out with by their acceptance of your bed head, jammies, farts, bad breathe…Okay, you can draw the line at the birks etc. Think of your very best friends. I immediately think of Stephanie, Erin, Lisa, Kathy, and Kelly (in no particular order!!) Wow have they seen me in some terrible states. Who else would love me enough to stand in the bathroom, hold my hair back while I puke and still be able to carry on a conversation with each other while telling me how beautiful and thick my hair is?

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