My daughter has an Arabic name.  This is odd to a lot of people, especially since she is blonde and blue eyed.  It’s a beautiful name, and it has meaning – which is terribly important to me.  I am a fan of the Arabic language, the words that can mean a paragraph in English translation, the beautiful script, the hacking of loogies while saying certain combinations of letters.  I personally love it, but if I had stayed in Idaho (instead of moving to the middle east), I may have ended up naming my daughter “Spud” or “Or-Ida.”  Egads.

My bubble was Saudi Arabia for a good portion on my life.  I loved that bubble.  Except when there was a war in it – that was a bit obnoxious.  Bubbles and wars just don’t mix. Say YES to bubbles and NO to war!!!


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  1. I like what you wrote….as much as what you write on facebook….you’re friend was right, you have a talent for it…..

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