You are bananas!


My sister called me the other day to tell me that she was sitting in traffic, and having a very hard time eating her banana because people could see her.  This is the kind of stuff we discuss, at least once a day.

So, back to the banana.  I had just heard on the radio that some huge percentage of people, especially men, will not eat bananas in public.  I don’t think it’s because of some strange fruit-eating stigma, either.  I have a sneaking suspicion that there’s some kind of sexualization of bananas going on here.  I have to admit, biting into a banana in front of a crowd of burly men would make me uncomfortable.  An apple?  No big deal.  A grape? Why not?!

So, I say, let’s take back the banana! We can do it, we can desexualize this poor fruit! What did the banana ever do to deserve this?  Which came first, the banana or the penis? Oh, that didn’t sound right.  I mean, which “existed” first?  Let’s say the penis.  Then this poor fruit appears, bearing an odd resemblance to a bit of the human anatomy.  It is not the banana’s fault!!!

Go ahead people!  Bite into your bananas, squeeze your cucumbers, sniff your zucchini!  In my bubble I will eat my bananas, and I will eat them with pride!  They will not be phallic, they will be food.

(this post is dedicated to my sister, since she’s the one who made me think about my own banana eating discomfort)


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