Ooompa Looompa


In high school I had to fly around the world to get home on breaks.  On one of those said trips I was traveling with a friend when I discovered at the airport that my ticket had expired.  The next flight was delayed for 8 hours, and we were rerouted through Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is Disneyland for high school kids.

Not a bad place to have an overnight layover.  My friend was over the moon with joy that we were forced to stay in this city.  Me?  My bubble was being compromised.  I had nearly failed my trig final, it was taking me four days to get home, and I was not the happiest teen.  The illegal substances that are not illegal in Amsterdam would probably have helped my attitude, but honestly, I was too stressed out to try.  I wasn’t an angel though (you are shocked by this, I can tell).  There were a few beers out there with my name on ’em.

We went to Rick’s Cafe where we sat down to people watch, my friend enjoying something smoky and me enjoying my beer.  As I looked around the room I started to notice that nearly everyone in there was little.  As in “little people.”  Not like my child, who is also little.  It was very surreal (for years I have wondered if someone had slipped something into my beer) and I never experienced anything like it again… until last night.

We went to Glenwood Hot Springs, in CO.  As we checked into the pool, my husband said,  “two adults and one midget.”  The cashier looked at us funny.  My daughter, who was trailing behind, touching every germy surface she could reach, caught up to us and he said again, “two adults and one child.”

“Oh, I thought you were serious.  We have a group of little people here today.  In fact, it’s the Little People of America … there’s about 150 of them.”


There is nothing wrong with little people, they are just smaller big people, but I have to say that after calling her our “little person” or  “midget (the non-PC term)” we discovered that once again we had been using a totally inappropriate nickname for our six-year-old.

When we returned to our hotel, my daughter said, “mommy, there’s so many kids here.”   Breakfast is going to be interesting.  I wonder if my daughter is going to ask some of the little people to play?  Let’s see if we get into any little fights.

Sometimes it is good to leave your bubble, on just a short trip.  For me, this trip outside my bubble reminded me that a huge number of people smoke and obviously NEVER exercise.  The human demographic represented by hot springs is not a good one.  There are not any super models relaxing pool side.  They are no gorgeous muscular hunks swimming laps.  I must say, my self-esteem is much higher here.  If nothing else, I feel very tall.


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