Happy New Year! denied.


busy busy busy! I am writing my application for graduate school, so I don’t have time to add to my blog right now… đŸ˜¦

BUT! I will say one funny thing. I set my own New Year’s Resolution before January first, and it was to always have my fridge stocked with beer and to drink that beer more often. Now that I have weighed myself at the gym, I have to already revoke that awesome resolution. Well, I guess I can still stock it. I just can’t drink it because it’s making me look like a mammoth. Not that hairy, but you get the idea. So, before I am allowed to shave my legs again, I must lose five pounds. hehe. I’m not sure if that’s a reward or a punishment. After I get to shave my legs (which may actually put me at six pounds) then I will have to find another reward for five more pounds. A beer? Oh. I guess that would be counterproductive.

So, I’m just saying, if the new year is your excuse to get in shape, then DO IT! GO! I am more motivated by my upcoming reunion, but that’s just me. I hope that your resolutions last longer than my beer drinking did.

My daughter’s first resolution was to eat more candy. I wonder if she had overheard mine. I explained resolutions more thoroughly to her and she said that she changed hers to “making the world healthy by picking up garbage.”

I told her mine (after abandoning the desire to drink more beer) was to enjoy my family and appreciate my life everyday.

“No Mommy. You can’t do that one. It has to be about the world.”

Resolution #2 – denied!!


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