Monthly Archives: August 2014

The seed is planted…


I did it.  I found an office.  I planted a seed and signed a lease!  My new business, my art and play therapy practice, will be opening in October!  This is huge, and as someone who has no trust fund, forgot to marry a sugar daddy, and has traditionally made so little money each year the IRS actually laughs at me, I am creating my own kind of grant.  The number of available grants has really not significantly increased since about 1990.  To start a small business, as a woman, a mother, a person who fantasizes about a good night sleep and a planet where people can listen to their children instead of being constantly annoyed by them, is a giant leap of faith.  

And that’s what I’m doing!  

Like my labrador used to do as a pup (before she was a senior) I am going to run toward that lake and jump off into the water, not even worried that I could sink.  I’m not going to.  I’m going to swim.  

And I could totally use some help.  

So, I am swallowing the very small amount of pride I actually have, and asking for help.  Please consider reading my story, and if you enjoy it, or want to share it, I would SOOOOO appreciate it.  I also have a Facebook page called Big Dog Little Dog Art Therapy and if you like it, you will hear all about my business progress!  

Thank you in advance.  The first ten people to donate $100 will get art!  How about them apples?